The team and all the Crew involved in missions to schools is now back from Ukambani,we have had a nice time away from home...but this year 2014 its western...we are beginning this January...Your support in this missions helps us reach others like the orphans and widows...and we are welcoming as many schools as possible,if you come across this information please pass it to others...we have our contact information here...+254716886852/+254700781455/+254716416469 or you can email us at j.withus@yahoo.com

Tuesday, 31 July 2012


The lord once again worns Kenya of the Mombasa...disaster..Heads of people all over the waters and blood...Nairobi Earthquake and people being buried alive..tall buildings falling,and Nakuru,Kisumu and Eldoret WAR and blood..if Kenya still will not hear and repent..he says he wants the Church leaders and political leaders for its with them that the nation has been lead astray...It should be very fast...KENYA YOU ARE GIVEN THE LAST CHANCE TO REPENT.

Monday, 23 July 2012


Thus Says the Lord God...THE God of David and Daniel!The God of all! I have sent my prophet and has moved in this nation for more than 7 years telling you to repent from the young to the old,rich to the poor and turn away from wickedness,but up to today its the same,you have not changed,you only follow miracles but not me,if you don't change Kenya i am coming down against you.

Kenya i have loved you that's why i have sent and put my prophet here to tell you all these,but you have overlooked...its better you change ..if you don't then I...I..The lord will release "WAR" and will not delay..and will look aside and see if you can move on your own strength.

Prostitutes are today full i the so called churches ,sin in the so called church sexual sin all these because of the behaviors of the Bishops,Priests,Pastors,false prophets and apostles...You are opening churches as if shops to make money ..you sell anointing oil,holy water as if theirs any,piece's of clothing and even soil....Abomination.

Gospel singers you sing naked,you sleep with politicians to get money to help you produce songs that have no direction to the people of Kenya,you collude with bishops to steal steel to my people who are seeking to see me..your judgment has finally come you will face the wrath of God if you don't change.

You go to Bible school to get a piece of paper to use it to even lead your own nation and its people away from me your God...Who called you....Bishops....you speak lies in my name on the alter. Repent...Repent that i may forgive you for shame and bitter sorrow comes for you soon.

People have died in this nation Man eats man,old women raped but no Bishop or pastor or politician has asked himself why:-Droughts,floods,road accidents,and fire....Kenya you are used to shading blood.

And you Politicians you run yes you run from place to place to graves of the dead to invoke their spirits that to sorcerers and witchdoctors ...and false prophets who lie to you that you will win election,You sleep with gospel singers and small school girls but this time shame and bitter sorrow awaits you if you will not look at me ..you will be ashamed and Kenya will fall never to raise again if you don't turn to me in repentance of all you have done in secret and the blood in your hands.

The people who are moving out of this nation going out to look for chums be it Bishops ,business men and politicians your time has come that all you did in secret will be unveiled and all will know what you have been doing if you don't turn and repent.
Look at how people in this nation have become animals,they don't care no more...I...have seen all ...you have reached the pick for destruction.....I The lord am getting tired of looking at your Whordom,greed,tribalism,corruption and murder...Destruction...destruction and disaster comes for you Kenya if you will not hear repent and turn to me your God.

Kenya a sad day has finally come a day of darkness and distress and judgment..for you loved wickedness and abominable things more than righteousness and holiness. I see 5 cities in the nation full of blood,Mombasa I see the heads of people in the waters,Nairobi I see Earthquake and people being buried alive and tall buildings collapsing,in Nakuru,kisumu and Eldoret I see war and blood....Kenya Repent from the top,all the church leaders and politicians that the lord may avert this.

Apostle Daniel Wanyonyi.