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Friday, 24 August 2012


I wonder why its hard for Kenyans to realize that they cant run away from the lord for ever,He must get to punish them at the end of the day of all their Wickedness,Corruption,murder,lies,Tribalism and greed. Most of the so called Christians to day are found in rape cases,sodomy,many unbecoming behavior,sexual sin in the church,lies on the pulpit,stealing in the name of God,and preaching wealth and the things of this world rather than Jesus the Christ,its a shame that the so called man of God is found with a wife of his assistant Pastor in a lodging,some have married more than one,or having illegal affairs in church or out,and the worship leaders aborting and Gospel singers singing naked to make people happy but grieve the holy spirit.All universities collages and schools are a dumping site for demons,abortion,mysterious deaths and strike is as a result of what the leaders in this land have entered in covenant with(All this is just but sacrifices)to appease the gods,Look at the Roads,road-accidents,massive killings..surely Kenya we just need God to help us not man...not even the Government.
The lord has spoken with me about the state of the Nation and that unless the church leaders and the politicians moved fast to align themselves with the word of God only a few people will be left in this nation..it will be as a sign to the other Nations of the world,that surely,steadily...all the lord has degreed will come to pass.
Where is truth,can we go on like this...its from this background that the lord is asking all who claim to be saved-Christians and the Church leaders and politicians,those who hold positions in the Government to REPENT and stand in Truth...Judgement has come...When the lord asked me to speak to the Nation of Kenya about A SAD and DARK DAY...FULL OF BLOOD STARTING IN MOMBASA...flowing towards Nairobi..it has began.as i speak now Mombasa is blood LOOK AT THE PAPER (BLOODBATH)but again heads of people will be found in the Sea rotting,that was what the lord said and that it must start with Mombasa and Next Nairobi,Nakuru,Kisumu,Eldoret and after that the whole nation...KENYA YOU CANT RUN AWAY FROM GOD...
USA be ready for your turn comes speedily your politicians and church leaders that have lead America away from the lord will meet face to face with the WRATH of the lord...A great shifting comes and will be an eye opener to those who are seeking for Truth...But many will fall on the sword of the lord...REPENT,FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE IN SECRET.
Where is that leader who really is seeking for truth,he who wants the lord in this Terrible times when many have become cold..Matthew 24:10-12.no body will Lead Kenya until He is vetted and approved by the high Governing God's authority in Heaven,Even if you use corruption this time we will even wait for 2-3yrs until a leader from the GOD is presented to Kenya,watch for this is the time of God not man...WICKEDNESS,LIES AND SIN IS WHAT THE LORD HAS REFUSED...KENYA MUST HARKEN FOR HER PROPHECY IN (ISAIAH 18:1-7) TO BE FULFILLED.
Its better you realise why its taken all those years and still things are the same even worse,the lord is saying be careful about the kakamega meeting he wants leaders church leaders and politicians to repent not the common people this leaders are the GATE...THEY HAVE REFUSED God and that's why there is no change in as much you try...Thanks for standing but be careful things are not ok it Kakamega..an evil is being planned.!!!WISH YOU SAW THIS.
You follow the prophet because of miracles and not the word and truth shame comes for you very soon.

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