The team and all the Crew involved in missions to schools is now back from Ukambani,we have had a nice time away from home...but this year 2014 its western...we are beginning this January...Your support in this missions helps us reach others like the orphans and widows...and we are welcoming as many schools as possible,if you come across this information please pass it to others...we have our contact information here...+254716886852/+254700781455/+254716416469 or you can email us at j.withus@yahoo.com

Friday, 7 September 2012


Yes its possible that which you have feared all your life is nothing before God and His son Jesus... read John 11:26,John 10:10,then John 14:6,you realise that death is an enemy how can it take you again to God,Hebrews 2:9-15,Gen 2 and 3 you see..how the plan of God was...then in John you get to see how Jesus tasted death for all that they may not die..."DO YOU BELIEVE"Jesus asked them..Today many fear to die but Jesus finished it all on the cross,by the way he is coming back to take us without us tasting death,,,we only need to believe...remember no body is going to heaven dead..Jesus went to heaven after defeating death for us...we were not able to fight death that's why he was to take our sins ..and die on the cross...what he is waiting to hear you say is that you believe you can be saved from the one thing in the whole world and this is DEATH...Presidents..Kings,Rich and Poor all
fear one thing Death but we only have one who has the answer to it JESUS CHRIST THE SON OF GOD...He is the Alfa and omega..the beginning and the end...with Him all Things are Possible...ALL THINGS are POSSIBLE..Why do we cry when somebody dies..its because he has left us ..if surely he is with the father...why cry and why pastors pray casting out sicknesses and we have hospitals and drugs all over..SICKNESS DOES NOT KILL what kills is THE SPIRIT OF DEATH...Remember when God sent to the Egyptians that night the angel of Death that killed all the first bones..."THE WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH"...BUT THE FREE GIFT OF GOD IS ETERNAL LIFE WITH JESUS...YOU can choose where to be..some love to die...but Remember again the devil has come to do two things STILL,KILL AND DESTROY..but JESUS HAS COME THAT THEY MAY HAVE LIFE AND MORE ABUNDANTLY...I AM THE WAY...THE TRUTH...AND ...LIFE...www.godwithusmissionteam.blogspot.com

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