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Sunday, 21 October 2012


You can not give certain information,knowledge to children,you may kill them..you must wait until they grow to maturity...There are some things that God has for you but when you are still a kid he reserves them for you..no matter how much you cry and even claim them by faith....some of these things God had shown you so many years ago ...Things that no Eye have seen...(1cor 2:9)Isaiah 64:4)

Look at David...God tells him you will be king over Israel(But does not become yet)with all the anointing and all the big words the prophet says..he is told go back and watch over the sheep until the time comes..APPOINTED TIME.
Whosoever findeth a wife findeth a good thing..not a woman..every woman is not a wife..(Prov18:22)..a wife waiting to be found..She is reserved by Christ and the ring is going to disclose that which is in you..even as the ring is put on you the name changes..and thats the Hope of your calling..to become...!!!!If you are a wife you are and if not then you are not...A camel can enter into the eye of a needle..Math 19:23-24...Alignment..alignment is coming to cause you to enter your destiny..

Arrows (Children are the arrows to us)psalm 127:5..and the arrow always go backwards to where its going and the more its Restructed back the more powerful it becomes to the target.....Look at David a a Shepard boy ,Joseph king of Egypt..with  all those big Deems and promises...and the word....were restricted by the lord..when you are an hire you are destined to great heights but you must undergo a process of refining,modeling and get the word in your life..then God aims you to your adversaries..and the effects are great because of the time you spent in the hands of the potter...You are just about to be effective..
You have stayed more years in one place,cried,pain,suffering,rejection..you can name it...but time to be released is come..people are going to say..you are moving very fast,but they don't know how many years you were retracted in the hands of the potter..
We are in a new age not of our our grandmothers,or fathers not of our aunties..all new day new down..you can be what you believe..remember all things are possible to him who trust in God,(Mark 9:23)God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all you can ask or think(Eph 3:20)some of you had the feeling already in you and now its here...God has a purpose for your life a way out for you..Its time for the manifestation of the sons of God..

The former things are passed away.God is ready to do a new thing..your latter days shall be greater than the former..The last will be the first..you were in the back but now you will be the front...New doors,ideas,revelation,power concepts..God is ready to reposition your entire life..i know some people have told you that you will not make it...that if you did not do it at the age of 25yrs – 30yrs it cant happen at 40yrs..The devil is a lire(am speaking to now the old men,old women,poor recked men and women those whom they have stayed its over..sick and bedridden,sick in hospitals..on drugs..HIV/AIDS,Churced out of job,devoced,no child,drunkenness,prostitute,Name it..and I know you are feeling it(ITS REPOSITIONING TIME..God is about to reposition you into what he wants you o be
You must start by leaving hanging with people who cant go no where..those who cant release you ..and start connecting yourself to people who are moving into a new wave that is to birth in you what you have been waiting for..you may be 20,30,40,80 but you still you must get ready to move,meet some people not all may be saved..God will use the unsaved to bless you..the wealth of the unjust is laid up  for the just...
He is going to to feed you through the mouth of a raven...
Resources are coming from the North,south,west,East..Education,opportunity..and many more get find of fear,pressure,anxiety..what your grandmother.father and aunt told you..the release is coming your way now.Where are you,you have been waiting for a long time for such a time,season,where are u now.Arise and stand in your position for a great alignment and transformation of your life time.

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